Food Inflation- How to Eat for Cheap

Food Inflation- How to Eat for Cheap

As prices soar and wallets diminish, food inflation has been hitting hard for many families around the world. This pressing economic issue forces us to question the root of this problem and the possible solutions.  

Students who provide groceries for their family shared some tips on how they’ve been dealing with inflation. Steinbrenner high school sophomore Olivia Lazaro says she’s been buying more frozen and canned foods as well as buying more store-brand products. Frozen foods are sure to have a further expiration date as well as canned foods, and store-brand products tend to be cheaper than big-name products. Olivia also brought up a great technique called Meal planning. If you plan your meal for a week in advance, it can prevent over-consuming and wasting money and food, because you will know what you need to buy. For example,, planning to have spaghetti one night and salad the next. There are templates online that can guide you for examples.  

Some stores may be taking advantage of inflation and hiking up prices more than they would need to in order to stay in business. Sophomore Aiden Esposito said he has been looking for cheaper alternatives to certain stores. With recent changes in prices, he quotes, “For cheaper grocery prices, I prefer to shop at Costco, Aldi, Lidl, Trader Joes, or Walmart.”  

Many people have also been saying they recently picked up couponing or using score cash back. One can find many apps such as upside that help people get into couponing as well as apps, such as “nerd wallet”. In ways, stores have been using buy one get one free and discounts to help customers out.  

We all know inflation has been hard people but even if it doesn’t seem so there are still ways to get through these hard times with money still in your pocket.